IB地理geography HL考试大纲与备考指南
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摘要:IB geography是IB课程中比较冷门的科目,尤其是要选择HL的话,IB geography HL需要做的东西很多很分散,reports要写很多,需要实地考察和测量之类的。

IB地理geography HL考试大纲与备考指南

IB geography是IB课程中比较冷门的科目,尤其是要选择HL的话,IB geography HL需要做的东西很多很分散,reports要写很多,需要实地考察和测量之类的。而且对于大多数大学专业来说,地理的实用性不是很大,所以根据学生以后要申请的专业来选择,如果是大学专业相关的话,可以考虑选择,因为IB geography HL撇开难度不看,是一个比较好玩的科目。下面私立教育为大家整理了IB地理考试内容,以及sl和hl分别涉及的内容。
Geography takes advantage of its position to examine relevant concepts and ideas from a wide variety of disciplines. This helps students develop an appreciation of, and a respect for, alternative approaches, viewpoints and ideas.
The geography course embodies global and international awareness in several distinct ways. It examines key global issues, such as poverty, sustainability and climate change. It considers examples and detailed case studies at a variety of scales, from local to regional, national and international.
选择IB geography sl或者hl的学生需要:
develop an understanding of the interrelationships between people, places, spaces and the environment
develop a concern for human welfare and the quality of the environment, and an understanding of the need for planning and sustainable management
appreciate the relevance of geography in analysing contemporary issues and challenges, and develop a global perspective of diversity and change.
Throughout the course, there is considerable flexibility in the choice of examples and case studies to ensure that Diploma Programme geography is a highly appropriate way to meet the needs of all students, regardless of their precise geographical location.
以下是选择IB geography hl的学生需要比sl多掌握的部分。
1. Measuring Global Interactions
2. Changing Space - The Shrinking World
3. Economic Interactions and Flows
4. Environmental Change
5. Sociocultural Exchanges
6. Political Outcomes
7. Global Interactions at the Local Level
从上面的内容中可以看出IB geography不仅仅是学习地质、环境等,还需要掌握很多人文、经济相关的东西,因此对学生的综合能力要求比较高,另外涉及的知识点比较多,单词量也会比较大,推荐英语水平好的考生才选择。